MO-C2-TL for Morris Contour 2

For use with MORRIS Paired Row casting and the PSA Wing


Exploded view of the Assembly for a Morris Contour 2 MO-C2-TL with options of OEM MORRIS Paired Row casting and PSA Wing

Components are:

MO-C2-TL –  Tine Leg to Suit Replaceable Point

MO-C2-P   – Wear Enhanced Height Adjustable Replaceable Point (Hard Face Point shown above and is Optional) (Inc Bolt and Nut)

Morris Paired Row casting –  This components is available from Morris Dealers as an original component.

MO-C2-WING –  Wear enhance wing to suit OEM Morris Paired Row Boot ( designed to accommodate a liquid Tube)

MO-C2-LIQ –  Optional Adjustable Stainless Steel Liquid Tube for Liquid Fertiliser 

MO-C2-RD –  Optional Residue Deflector for front of tine in high trash conditions. (inc Bolt and Nut)

The MO-C2-TL includes 2 Bolts & Nuts 


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