MO-CD-TL for Morris Contour 1

For In-Line Dual Shoot or Single Shoot


Exploded view of the Assembly for a Morris Contour 1 MO-CD-TL with options of In-line Dual Shoot or Single Shoot

Components are:

MO-CD-TL –  Tine Leg to Suit Replaceable Point (Limited stocks)

MO-CD-P –  Wear Enhanced Height Adjustable Replaceable Point (Hard Face Point shown above and is Optional)

MO-CD-MT –  Adjustable Fertiliser Tube (not used when single shooting) (Limited stocks)

MO-CD-STC-40-32 or 25-32–  40mm wide or 25mm wide Adjustable Seed Tube (Limited stocks)

The MO-CD-TL includes 4 Bolts & Nuts  (B-M10-35-ZPHD)

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