Morris Contour Drill 1

In-Line Dual Shoot for Sandy / Loamy Soil Conditions

Components are Listed Below (Click on part number to see further details) :-

MO-CD-CTL  –  Curved Tine Leg to Suit Replaceable Point (incl. 2 B&N )

MO-C2-PF  –  Wear Enhanced Height Adjustable Replaceable Point   (incl. B&N)

PHX-DS-FT2  –  Deep Banding Adjustable Fertiliser Tube for Optimum Seed Separation  (incl. 4 B&N)

MO-CD-CTL-LT  –  Optional 10mm Stainless Steel Liquid Tube.

MO-C2-STC-25 –  Adjustable Seed Tube with 25mm wide Closer

With Optional Parts of :-

MO-C2-PF16 –  Heavy Duty 16mm Wear Enhanced , Height Adjustable Replacement Point  (incl. B&N)

PHX-DS-FTN –  Phoenix Adjustable Fertiliser Tube

MO-C2-STC-40 –  Adj Seed Tube with 40mm Closer

MO-C2-STC-40L2 –  Adj Seed Tube with 40mm Closer and side mounted Liquid Tube suits Contour 2

MO-C2-STSB –  Adjustable Side Banding Boot

MO-C2-ST-YTAIL –  Adj Seed Tube 60mm Y-Tail

MO-C2-RD –  Reversible Residue Deflector for front of tine in high trash conditions.(incl. B&N)


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