Single Shoot Bracket for flat tine feet


Single Shoot Bracket with 2 only 1/2″ holes at 47mm to 57mm centres to suit flat foot tines such as Bourgault, Ezee-ON and AFM Scarichisel.

This bracket enables the fitting of depth adjustable seeding boots to suit 32m hose such as ST-RFB, ST-RFB-LM or 38mm hose such as ST-LRB or ST-LRB-LM.

The bolts required are 2 only 1″ x 5/16″ UNC G5 Z/P Bolt and nyloc to secure seed boot plus 2 only 2 3/4″  x 1/2″ UNC G8 bolt plus Nyloc for the points to allow for the bracket thickness.

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