HOR-S-NT-TL (HORSCH Sprinter Tine Leg Adaptor)

This tine leg Adaptor allows fitment of all Bourgault BG-3310 Points and Seed Tubes


Full Assembly


Recess for Liquid Tube


Exploded View

HORSCH Sprinter Tine Leg Adaptor

The above diagrams illustrate the standard Horsh Tine leg and Presswheel Arm (Black)  fitted with the HOR-S-NT-T, Bourgault BG-3310-TA Tine Adaptor, BG-3310-P Point and BG-3310-ST Seed Tube.

The Exploded view indicates all the added components followed by the picture of the HOR-S-NT-TL tine leg by itself.

The HOR-S-NT-TL has a recess to allow fitment of a small PVC Liquide Fertiliser tube.