Bourgault Paralink 3310 and 3320 Tine adaptor


This Tine Adaptor fits onto the existing leg of the Bourgault Paralink 3310 and 3320’s using the two bolt recesses at the rear of the tine.
The front portion of the adaptor secures the appropriate BG-3310 Knife Point and is welded to the included Fertiliser Tube. Whereas the Rear holes secure the appropriate adjustable height Seed Boot.
Four M10 x 50mm G8.8 Bolts and Nylocs are included.

Note – The Fertiliser Tube has a small tube welded at its lower end for the fitment of a plastic liquid fertiliser tube.  Your 6mm OD Liquide Fertiliser tube can fit between the outer radius of the tine shank and the joint between the tine adaptor side plates and the fertiliser tube.

About BG-3310-TA

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