Primary Sales has developed a new innovative seeding system that is adaptive, adjustable and designed with sustainability in mind.

The Adapt-T has an adjustable point with minimum point wastage.

  • Compatible with leading liquid systems, granular fertiliser and wetting agent.
  • Ability to switch from inline to paired row or single to double shoot.
  • Gain greater control over seed and fertiliser placement.
  • Streamlined profile to reduce soil throw
  • Maximise wear-life and reduce overall cost per hectare through the patented incremental Adapt-T point.
  • Simple in-field changes



Suitable for MORRIS QUANTUM/C2

The Adapt-T is available for inline dual, single shoot and paired row for Morris Quantim/C2, Bourgault Paralink, PLD & Horsch Sprinter Bar.

"The team was great, and they provided farm service and set-up of the machine. We're aiming at getting the best out of our machinery, increasing efficiency at sowing and improved seed and fertilizer placement in combination with good chemical control was the next logical set"

Matt McNally, Saint Arnaud VIC Pre-sowing this year, the Primary Sales team were on farm with Matt McNally to assemble Adapt-T technology for his Horsh bar. Focusing on direct seeding, a precision farming program incorporating agronomics, machinery and breeding innovations, Matt wanted to introduce new advancements in technology.