Primary Ultra Tine System

uts conversion concorde edge-on

UTS Tine Range

A range of components and designs are available to allow UTS tines to fit onto existing tine heads into areas of restricted space.

(Please order early as a majority of the components are made to order) 

The tine shape and tillage points aid seeding in heavy ground due to greater clearance behind the tine leg. This helps prevent seed boot crush on recoil when compared to the original tines and seed tubes.

Optional components include trash tubes, fertiliser tubes, liquid tubes and seeding tubes.

(Existing designs to suit some models of AFM, Concord, Ezeon/Bourgault, Flexicoil, Gasoon, Horwood Bagshaw, John Deere, John Shearer and Morris)

UTS-P1 point

T-Wing  (UTS-P-1)

Tungsten Carbide Leading Edge

Easy to Fit Replacement Tine

(order early to ensure plenty of stock)


Narrow Knife Point   (UTS-P-K-FAB-04) 

Tungsten Carbide on Leading Edge

Easy to Fit Replacement Tine

For Further information on the Ultra-Tine system please contact us for Tine Assemblies and Details to suit your Chisel Plow or Cultivator.