Precision Seeder Tine Assembly

Precision Seeder Tine Assembly is available as an assembled unit or individual components.

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Primary Precision Tine Assembly DRAFT
Seed Boot optionsP-FT-PFC-3001 Polyurethane fertiliser bootP-FT-3003-SQ Fertiliser Injector tubeOptions on Cast PointsLiquid Fertiliser tube available in various sizesPress Wheel Tyre 140mm wide VLower Tine Quick AdjusterPressure Down Kit

Seed Boot options

P-ST-YTAIL Seed Boot option Y-tail

Flexibility of Seed Boot options:

rnP-ST-YTAIL - Y-tail boot (Shown)rnP-ST-3087-04 - Seed Tube for 3087 re-openerrnShown on easy adjustment arm for seed-depth control P-ST-3087-ST-V4

P-FT-PFC-3001 Polyurethane fertiliser boot

P-FT-PFC-3001 Polyurethane fertiliser boot

rnOptional Polyurethane fertiliser boot for fertiliser profiled through the tillage zone.

P-FT-3003-SQ Fertiliser Injector tube

P-FT-3003-SQ Fertiliser Injector Tube

P-FT-3003-SQ Fertilise Injector tube

rnWith tungsten carbide wear protection.rn(Not recommended for harsh conditions)

Options on Cast Points

P-P-K-200-3325 Knife Point 200mm TC

Knife and wing point options available for Cast Points, heat treated and with Tungsten Carbide(TC) tips. rnP-P-K-200-3325 Knife Point 200mm TCrnP-P-K-150-3325 Knife Point 150mm TCrnP-P-W-190-3325 Wing Point 190mm TCrnP-P-W-150-3325 Wing Point 150mm TC

Liquid Fertiliser tube available in various sizes

Liquid Fertiliser tube for PPS Knife or wing points

Liquid Fertiliser tube available in various sizes with 10mm as standard.rn

    rn t

  • P-FT-3325-LIQDK - for PPS Knife Point
  • rn t

  • P-FT-3325-LIQW - for PPS Wing Point
  • rn

Press Wheel Tyre 140mm wide V


Press Wheel Tyre V

rnP-PW-TYW -2965 - popular "V" wide 140mm to maximise floatation and water harvesting. rnRugged tapered roller bearings, double seal design with mud shield and dust cap. rnOther options available including 80mm V tyres in soft compound for accretive soils

Lower Tine Quick Adjuster



rnOptional Lower Tine Quick Adjuster. To enable easy in-field adjustment to get the best wear from your points.

Pressure Down Kit

Pressure down kit

Pressure Down Kit

rnOptional pressure down kit increases load on press wheel from 75Kg by 3 fold.

Some of the 2022 Spare Parts are listed below – Please contact us for assembly drawings, part numbers and availability.