The HYDRA Liquid Cart has been developed with consideration to the various practical needs of farmers and with input from the liquid systems companies to incorporate their requirements.

The Hydra’s rolling chassis and tank design has been engineered to tolerate the load and requirements to suit varying set-ups allowing the farmer to choose and add their choice of liquid systems including options on pump, valves electrics, hydraulics and lighting.

Benefits include:

  • Increased operational efficiency, crop protection, improved soil, better initial crop flourish and yield improvement through supporting precision in-furrow liquid injection in your seeding program.
  • Increased productivity through less stopping for tank refills
  • Option to support higher rates of liquid product as part of a Variable Rate Program.
  • Supporting economical usage and mixing of individual liquid applications of soil-wetter, fertiliser, fungicides, or inoculants including multiple liquids into a precision seeding program.


The Hydra Liquid Carts are made or order. Please check for sizes available for 2023 season delivery.

Available in 7,000, 10,000 (2 x 5,000) and 14,000 (2 x 7,000) Litre sizes. Includes a 500L flush tank

Compatible with all leading liquid systems. (The cost of the liquid system including controller, pump module, and plumbing/harness lines and installation is in an additional cost purchased through your Dealer or a liquid system provider.)

Made in Midvale, WA.


  • Dimensions: 3.9m Wide, 9.8m Long, 3.9m Tall
  • TARE: 6.2t
  • PAYLOAD: 20.1t
  • ATM: 26.3t
  • Front to Rear Axle: 5.1m
  • 3m Wheel Centers for Control Traffic Farming
  • +-15 Degree Front Axle Pivot for undulating terrain
  • 6m Turning Radius
  • Stable Turning
  • Choice of 1 x 7,000 Litre Tank or 2 x 5,000 Litre Tanks or 2 x 7,000 Litre Tanks. 
  • 500L Water Rinse Tank
  • Self-Draining Tanks
  • Floatation Tyres; Front: 620-75-R26, Rear: 900-60-R32.
  • 650mm Ground Clearance
  • Tanks capable of holding Liquids with a Specific Gravity of up to 1.4.
  • Category 3 Hitch ball
  • Hitch Safety Chains
  • Jack Stand
  • Plumbing & Hydraulic Hose Holders
  • Ability to install Liquid Rate Module from selected supplier of Choice.
  • Ability to customise Plumbing to Suit Operation
  • Ability for Dual Application e.g. operate both Liquid Wetter and Liquid Fertilizer