TYPHOON™ feed drum – built tougher- feeds better.


Feeds better     –    Stop less and maximise your harvester performance.

The Typhoon feed drum – designed by iPaddock and manufactured and exclusively available from Primary Sales Australia.

Ideal for Direct Headed canola and legumes.

Designed with a smaller diameter barrel than the standard feed drum, taller and more aggressive flights with matching retractable fingers. Provides 3 times bigger crop window for faster flow of crop material


Quick Set timing system allows for fine tuning finger timing for all crops and all conditions (one nut 150 degree adjustment)

Proven to achieve up to 2-4 kms/hr faster.

Now available for Macdon D60, D65, D1 and John Deere 6 and 7 series.

The iPaddock TyphoonTM is yet another a step up in harvesting with draper fronts developed from Australian farmer’s real in-paddock experience making harvest more productive, and less stressful.

  • patented paddle flights minimise light crop repeating issues by eliminating the usual “dead zone” under the drum
  • Fast and simple adjustable finger timing through 150°, so you can easily adjust it for any conditions
  • Typhoons aggressive pattern of retractable fingers grabs crop and steadily pulls it through the massive crop window
  • Full width between the outer flights uses the whole feeder house resulting in less wear
  • Eliminating blockages means less reversing
  • Harvest later at night without the risk of plugging from slug feeding
  • Easy installation with clear instructions provided

The Typhoon Drum is a farmer designed solution to a farming problem. Hear more about the Typhoon and Twister.

Podcast Testimonial

“John Deere drum  is not aggressive enough. The Typhoon Drum is fantastic in canola, there was no limit to how much we could put in. And in cereals it was excellent. No fluffing up of barley ” Rob Edgerton-Warburton, Kojonup WA.

Jo Fulwood “Reducing Harvest Loss” interview with Rob Edgerton-Warburton on “How to harvest crops with large amounts of bio-mass


iPaddock’s TwisterTM Chain Tensioner

Stop your chain drive coming off on your Macdon front. with the iPaddock TwisterTM .

Bolt on the Twister chain tension locker, positively locking the tensioner sprocket.  The cam shaped slot makes precise adjustment of chain tension possible with just hand pressure, while preventing the tensioner from sliding loose in the track when it is tightened up again. Save yourself hours of lost time and operator frustration during your busy harvest.

Easy to install with no drilling, welding or cutting required; Twister is installed in just 4 minutes.

Starter Kit

Spare parts starter kit, includes 2 Finger holders, 2 Finger guides, and 4 Retractable fingers for Typhoons to suit Macdon and John Deere

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Fitting Instructions

Fitting instructions for Typhoon (2021) for Macdon D1, D60 and D65

Fitting Instructions for Typhoon (2021) for John Deere (600/700 Series)