Bushel Plus MiniCombine™

The worlds smallest combine!

A portable electric mini harvester that collects samples identical to a harvester. Giving the perfect sample size for moisture content tests and quality analysis.

Save fuel and time! Leave the big machinery in the shed.

What’s included?

  • Portable device
  • 4 interchangeable concaves (no tools required to change)
  • A lithium-ion battery
  • Carry Case
  • 2 x Sample Jars
  • Variable speed brushless motor.

Key Benefits


Free up manpower and equipment. Easily select which paddock to move to next.


Unlike your header, The MiniCombine™ is powered by a rechargable battery and only takes the amount of grain needed for analysis, lowering sampling costs.


The samples taken are identical to those taken with your combine.


Using The MiniCombine™ reduces the need to move heavy agricultural machinery around.


Made of ABS The MiniCombine™ weighs just 3.3kg and is protected by a high-quality flight case. It can be carried easily in the back of any ute.