The VIBRA-MAT eliminates a Major source of harvest losses on your Rigid (Tin) Front

The reinforced vinyl mat is bolted to the rear of the knife which, as it reciprocates, converts the normally static area between the knife and the auger into a “LIVE” surface to prevent build-up of crop and the resultant intermittent crop flow.  “Bunched” crop flow is difficult to efficiently thresh and often results in un-threshed or partially threshed heads walking out of the rear of the machine with the straw.

The “Vibra-Mat” is a simple , low cost means of providing smooth, continuous crop flow for maximum threshing efficiency and minimised grain losses.


Vibra-Mat reaches both ends of the front

The end of the mat can be cut to a tapered shape to prevent it rolling up

vibramat-dk-dual knife

Dual Knife Fronts have twin Mats , both with centre double thickness section and when fitted the Mat doesn’t meet or overlap.

Please refer to the Combine Harvester and Front Brand pages for which Vibra-Mat may be suitable for your machine.

We are continuously creating new products to suit the latest imports of Combine Harvester Fronts. Please contact us if you have a new Front that doesn’t appear in our brochure as we may already have a solution for you.