The Hay Express

The Hay Express Trailer is an innovative time saving method to distribute hay biscuits for feeding of Cattle and Sheep. The Trailer has the ability to carry two large 8 foot x 4 foot x 3 foot hay bales from shed to paddock.

On arrival at the paddock you cut the strings then drive slowly past your cattle or sheep whilst engaging the winch (by hand remote or wireless remote from the Cab) pushing the bale between the rear uprights of the trailer where several spring tines hold the upper portion of the bale and the lower star wheels separate the bale into biscuits that drop from the trailer at the speed of your remote control.

A NEW   “The Hay Express”   Single Bale Ute Mounted model is also available to fit any substantial farm ute.

Photo display of The Hay Express Bale Feed Out Trailer in use on a farm.

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