Primary Sales offers a range of LIFT KITS to improve the performance of DRAPER Fronts.

The Step between the knife and the Belt on most Draper Fronts stalls light crops and legume Recovery.

A PSA lift kit LIFTS the knife up to overcome this problem allowing even , unimpeded flow of grain and dry matter across the front.

The lift kits are specially designed to suit each model of harvester front to ensure the knife moves easily within the cutterbar at the precise height and original angle once the knife is raised.

Some lift kits include a new knife head whereas others may require the existing knife head to be turned upside down or an OEM knife head of a different part number to be purchased by the Farmer to ensure knife alignment.

Please refer to individual Combine Harvester or Front Brand pages through this link to see what can fit your machine (or the Resources downloads page).

Lift-kits-bottom mount

Standard Bottom Mount

Header Fronts are usually bottom mounted. Our Adapt-A-Gap knife guard system can be bottom mounted as above.


Top Mount (Lift Kit Fitted)

When your crop stall’s on the entry into the header front the fitment of a lift kit will reduce the high ledge or lip that the crop must flow over to enter the Draper Belt or deck.

Heavy crops are forced into a front by the density of the crop whereas a light crop can simply fall in front of the high ledge and stop further crop entering the header front.  The Lift Kits allows the light crop to fall onto the draper belt or deck and be fed into the harvester.