More Grain in the Bin Less in the Field

The Bushel Plus is the most reliable, easy to use and fully integrated combine harvester calibration system.  Designed to help you quantify your harvest loss and help  you accurately calibrate your combine. Every farmer’s goal is to maximise efficiency and to minimise combine losses during harvest.

Effective measurement of harvest loss enables farmers to make decisions in the field to balance grain losses against fuel, labour costs and completing a program.  This means More Grain in the Bin and more Dollars for farmers.

By changing your harvest loss from 6% to a 1%  in a 2 tonne/Ha Barley 1,000Ha program could mean an extra $35,000 in the pocket.


Harvest Loss Testing

The Bushel Plus is an all-in-one system. Now you can measure harvest loss in 5 minutes in what use to take 45 minutes. Move it from one harvester to the next.

Watch video to how easy it is to do a test.

Available In Three Sizes


How the Bushel Plus System Works

The Bushel Plus system includes precise, dependable instruments that are designed to easily be used with any combine. With your safety in mind, all units are remote controlled and portable so that no wiring or bolts are needed to attach to any combine. Our magnetic drop pan can be used with multiple machines and is easy to move from one combine to the other – no tools needed!

null Magnetic system attaches to any combine in seconds

null Remotely release Drop Pan

null Clean sample with the Bushel Plus Air Separator

null Weigh sample and check results with our App

null Do all four steps with a few short minutes!


NEW Bushel Plus  App – available from your App store


Quick and Easy Harvest Loss Calculation which compliments the Bushel Plus system in the field.

  • Enter and save your combine settings, crop conditions.
  • Collect data on the go
  • Save GPS location, photos and added information for future reference.
  • With Chaff Lining and Chaff Deck calculator

First time user? Once you have downloading the app you will need your Bushel Plus serial number to create an account.

Watch tutorial on the Bushel Plus App and other tips on our Bushel Plus YouTube channel.

Patented Cover

The Bushel Plus provides accuracy from the patented cover design. Preventing kernels from entering the sample before use ensuring there are no false tests.


The unique Separator makes it easy in the field to separate your sample from chaff in seconds. Now you can sample easily and more often for greater control.

Compatible with HWSC Tools

The Bushel Plus is a must have for growers using Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC)  tools. Make sure you are getting the most out of your investment in your weed management by checking that you are getting the weed seeds into your chaff lines and not in your rotor loss.

Integrated Bushel Plus for EMAR Chaff Deck

Integrated Harvest Weed Seed Control (HWSC) and Harvest Loss measurement with the Bushel Plus. Watch video of how it works with the EMAR Chaff Deck






Part Number is BP-KIT-ECD for the Bushel Plus EMAR Chaff Deck Combine Calibration Kit.

READIan Ruwoldt’s story on how he reduced his harvest loss with his Bushel Plus with his EMAR Chaff Deck.

Compatible with Mill systems

Bushel Plus is an essential tool with mill/ destructor systems including iHSD, HSD, Seed Terminator and Redekop SCU. Read or listen to how other growers are using the Bushel Plus with their mills.

Redekop SCUWatch Ben Wilson explains how he uses the Bushel Plus to improve harvester performance for his John Deere

iHSDReadCraig Bignell explains how he is using the Bushel Plus with his Vertical Harrington Seed Destructor on his New Holland.

Seed TerminatorRead how Dylan Hirsch is using his Bushel Plus with his Seed Terminator on his John Deere to measure sieve and rotor loss.

Chaff lining, Windrowing and Chaff Carts

If your chaff lining, windrowing or using Chaff Carts the Bushell Plus can assist you to get more grain in your bin and less in your chaff lines or dumps.

1.5m is first choice for chaff lining and  there is a dedicated calculator and guide in the Bushel Plus App to make it easier to calculate  rotor and sieve loss.






Read how Scott Angwin saved $32,000 using his Bushel Plus with his Claas harvester and his Chaff Cart


READ farmer's stories with Bushel Plus

What is  Included?

  • Smart Wifi Cover (Attaches to combine/ header front / feederhouse)
  • Two remote controllers and wireless connection from Smart phone (2021)
  • Wide drop pan (1.5m, 1.0m or Chaff Deck version)
  • Narrow drop pan (not included with Chaff Deck version)
  • Variable speed separator
  • Durable field scale
  • 12 volt smart charger
  • 12 volt car charger (2021)
  • Manual
  • Bushel Plus App.


3 Minutes to Improve Your Profitability

Watch video how easy the Bushel Plus is to get a sample

What Our Customers Our Saying 

I can confirm this thing (Bushel Plus) is gold. It is the difference between harvest loss measurements being taken or not

Peter Newman
Planfarm, Consultant

(Bushel Plus) system is a great boon to my farm, as it not only saves me time, but also money in the long run.

Ian Coleman
Farmer (Katanning)

With this easy monitoring system we are able to keep our losses very low. For our program alone (it) equates  to about $32,000 a year in potential savings.

Scott Angwin
Farmer (Wagin)

Using the EMAR Chaff Deck and the Bushel Plus makes us more efficient READ

Benn Cripps
Farmer (Northampton)

Whereas before we were losing between eight and 10 percent of our wheat crop at harvest, on good days this can now be reduced to about two percent by using Bushel Plus.READ

Josh Jager
Farmer (Riverina)