Feedstorm™  – The Better Adjustable Upper Cross Auger

The Feedstorm™ Adjustable Upper Cross Auger is another great solution for broadacre farmers to improve their harvest performance by reducing their front Harvestloss and saving them both time and money.

Fed up with constantly having to stop to unblock your header front ?  Designed and made in Australia by Primary Sales to fit onto existing header fronts to replace the OEM cross augers.  Provides more control of your harvest when it counts.

Feedstorm™ Adjustable Upper Cross Augers are designed to fit:  Case 3152 and 4152 fronts, Macdon D60 and D1 fronts and is beneficial in a wide variety of crops; direct headed canola, pulses and cereals crops.

In-cab on-the-go control for effective crop feeding

The OEM upper cross augers are mostly manual with minimal adjustment capability.  So you have to stop to do it.

The Feedstorm™ is adjustable from the cab on the go. Enabling quick adjustment to suit harvest conditions when you need it. No stopping!

When the canola is fluffying up during the day you can  get on top of it. Or as it turns sticky in the evening enabling you to push it down.

Better optimisation of your harvester

The larger flights (200mm) and narrower barrel (100mm) help promote continuous crop feeding without stalling. No issue with wheel track. No issue with yield changes.

↑45% increase in ground speed than standard Macdon auger

Better Productivity

Rapid return on investment (ROI) through reduction in machine hours, depreciation, fuel savings and increased yield through less crop thrown over the header front.

↑1/3rd Improvement on tonnes per hour in direct head canola


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Feedstorm Flier Image

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