Primary Sales is committed to helping broadacre grain growers make the most of their harvesting programme.


To Aid Harvesting

Solutions to your Harvesting


Parts to fit your


of Harvester or Front

Products to aid Harvesting

ADAPT-A-GAP Knife Guard System, VIBRA-MATS, Knife lift kits, Duck Foot, Feedstorm, Chaff Decks...

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Products to aid Harvesting

Solution to your Harvesting Problems

Our Solutions To Reduce Your Harvest Problems, Need to reduce crop losses?, Chaff deck and Chaff cart, Knife lift kit...

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Solution to your Harvesting...

Parts to fit your BRAND of harvester or fronts

COMBINE HARVESTER AND FRONT BRANDS, Primary Sales Harvest Products have been designed to suit the...

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Parts to fit your BRAND of harves...