Crop yield

Crop yieldHarvest loss
October 16, 2020

$29,000 saved per 1,000 Tonnes harvested

Fifth-generation South Australian farmer Jim Maitland and his wife Katherine grow wheat at Amana Park near Rochester in the Clare Valley. Mr Maitland, who has…
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Crop yieldHarvest loss
October 15, 2020

Griffith Farmer saves 8% in wheat using Bushel Plus

Now in his second year of using the Bushel Plus grain loss measurement system, NSW farmer Josh Jager says he is very pleased with the…
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Case Header Front FE13 finger extensions
Crop yieldHarvest loss
November 7, 2018

Crop Loss Calculator

Header Front Crop Loss; Can you afford to leave $85,000 in the paddock? Farmers take a great deal of risk and effort bring crop to…
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Crop yieldHarvest loss
October 24, 2018

FD4 Knife Guard

New product for 2017 - Primary Sales Australia's FD4 Adapt-A-Gap Knife Guard The First long wearing , 2 finger guard with replaceable wear-strip and optional…
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Crop yieldHarvest loss
December 6, 2017

Increase your Crop Yield

Fitting Adapt-A-Gap knife guards increases harvest yields Farmers in Australia have to contend with extremes in seeding and harvesting conditions that their competitors in Europe…
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