Podcasts on Reducing Harvest Losses

Harvest Losses and Harvest Weed Seed Control

Listed from most current date to oldest date of podcast.

Planfarms Peter Newman discusses the importance of measuring harvest losses.

Glen Riethmuller discusses the value of measuring harvest losses

Glen Riethmuller talks about threshing and cleaning and how to get the most out of your harvester this season

Glen Riethmuller discusses the feeding system on your harvester

Glen Riethmuller talks about the importance of setting up knife guards correctly to reduce harvest losses

Glen Riethmuller talks about adjusting your machine to reduce harvest losses

Queensland grower Peter Bach discusses the value of using a stripper front on a winter barley crop

In this second part of the interview Jo Fulwood talks to Beverley grower Adam Smith about cereal losses.

Jo Fulwood talks with Beverley grower Adam Smith about losses in his lupin crops.

Jo Fulwood talks to engineer Brett Asphar about the workings of a harvester and how to minimise grain losses.

Ben Boekmann discusses harvest losses from the point of view of the machinery dealer

Jo Fulwood talks to Kojonup grower Rob Egerton-Warbuton about ways to reduce stress on your harvester in crops with significant amounts of bio-mass.

Jo Fulwood talks to New Zealand grower Mark McCully about ways to reduce harvest grain losses in high value, high yielding crops.