Our Values & Our Culture

Our success is built on a foundation of our values to create a working environment where not only do our team want to work, but our customers our keen to work with.



Valued collaboration ensures greater success

Acceptable behaviours:

  • Offering help when someone is down
  • Asking for help when needed
  • Team first before self

Unacceptable behaviours:

  • Unwillingness to help or to share
  • Putting yourself before the team
  • Creating silos


No matter our seniority or role, we each need to acknowledge and accept our differences and similarities.

Acceptable behaviours:

  • Opportunity for all
  • Treat company assets and money as your own
  • No cowboys

Unacceptable behaviours:

  • Vilification
  • Self-centred or selfish behaviour
  • Chinese whispers


Reliable and easy to work with.

Acceptable behaviours:

  • Do what we say we will do
  • To do the right thing, even when no one is looking
  • Under promise, over deliver

Unacceptable behaviours:

  • Lying or cheating
  • Turning the blind eye when you know it is wrong
  • Misleading others for personal gain through what we say, write or do

Customers Focus

Recognising and directing our energies on the value we added to our customers

Acceptable behaviours:

  • Solution focus
  • Honest, open conversations to achieve the best outcome
  • Accountability for the outcome

Unacceptable behaviours:

  • “It’s not to do with me” approach
  • Being closed to alternate and new ideas