Tillage Parts


Tillage PartsTillage Points and Boots

Over the years, PSA has developed a comprehensive range of points, brackets, boots and other accessories for virtually every make of scarifier and cultivator in popular use in the market place.

The machines have been listed according to their purpose and tine - foot bolt hole dimensions.

The top of each page shows the usual boot and bracket combinations. There is also a boots and brackets guide for your convenience.

Consult your local machinery dealer or PSA branch if you need any advice or assistance, or if your machine is not listed. It is wise to consider local conditions and soil types when making your selection.

PDF Download the file: POINT WEIGHTS ( PDF 204 kB )
PDF Download the file: TUNGSTEN INFORMATION ( PDF 102 kB )
PDF Download the file: CUTTING WIDTH INFORMATION ( PDF 101 kB )