Welcome to the Primary Sales Australia website

Primary Sales Australia has spent more thanĀ 30 years developing expertise in the fields of tillage, seed/fertiliser placement and grain harvesting so that the very best can now be achieved from farm machinery. Our role fits between the research community and the end-user, so that useful science and farmer feedback can be engineered into products designed to add cost-efficiency, save time or produce better results - often all three!

Many new initiatives introduced by our company over the years now enjoy commonplace use, upon which farmers have come to depend. As a result, Primary Sales Australia has grown steadily in size and reputation along the way, allowing it to maintain its commitment to progress.

Our Mission:

"To help grain growers increase the efficiency and profitability of their operations by providing cost-effective, quality engineered solutions to agronomic challenges and equipment inefficiencies. We will provide this support with products which are fairly priced, ethically traded, efficiently delivered and properly backed by our Company and its dealer network"